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“The Church often has to walk a tight line with wisdom and faith, planning and remaining open. Mike Gafa helps ask better questions so that church leaders can walk that line with humble confidence. Faith-Based is a Biblically-rooted, theologically sound, practical tool for leaders to pray with passion, plan with discernment and take the next step of faith personally and with their congregations.”

Rev. Andrew Bossardet, Coordinator for Equipping Thriving Congregations, Reformed Church in America

“So often a church is driven in mission by fear or limited data rather than the Spirit and Holy Scripture.  In contrast, Mike Gafa’s Faith-Based approach helps churches to rely on God’s calling, relevant information, and God’s purpose for the Church so as to avoid obstacles and live more fully into God’s mission.  In ‘Faith-Based,’ Gafa uses his great love of God and cunning knowledge of business to be a blessing to the Church.  I recommend this book to anyone looking to lead a church into God’s purpose for their local setting.

Rev. Ryan Landt, Pastor of Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Lowell, MI

“Mike Gafa is a church leader/consultant whom I hold in high regard because of his calm and faith-filled approach to the life and health of congregations with whom he works. His book related to faith-based planning and decision-making is most helpful in that it moves us away from fear and fact based planning. I love the idea of trusting God, making plans from the perspective of faith and holding our plans loosely, so that we can adjust, as God leads us along the way. Mike’s thoughts and tools are helpful in navigating these challenging waters in challenging times for the church of Jesus Christ! I commend his work to you!”

Rev. Rick Veenstra, former Executive of the Great Lakes Region, Reformed Church in America

“I have known Mike Gafa for over a decade and consider him a friend.  We have partnered closely in ministry and I respect him greatly.  He brings the unique perspective of one who has been an effective leader in both the marketplace and the local church.  If you want to move your church, NPO, or Christian organization forward with crystal clear vision that honors Jesus and is true to Scripture, take time to learn from him.  It will be time well spent.”

Rev. Kevin G. Harney, Lead Pastor of Shoreline Community Church, Author, and Visionary Leader of Organic Outreach Ministries International (

“Mike Gafa is an administrative leader with experience in business (leadership development), the local church (Executive Pastor), and a regional group of churches (administrative leader). He has written this practical guide for strategic planning in a way that reflects his depth of faith, strength of character, and proficiency in organizational planning. The book is rich with Scriptural passages and principles. It provides a toolbox of resources. Get this book if you are serious about advancing the Kingdom through responsible organizational planning.”

Burt Braunius, former president of Church Leadership Center, Grand Rapids, MI

“I like the way that Mike integrates his business knowledge and planning experience with his understanding of how the Holy Spirit often works at revealing future actions. I can give his process my full support to any that are considering using it.”

Rodger Price, Owner of Leading by DESIGN, Zeeland, MI (

“When I first got to know Mike, he was a member of the church I served and a leader in the business community.  But he had a big and holy discontent going on; God was calling him into church ministry.  Mike listened.  Our church hired Mike as Executive Director of Ministries.  Then, Mike continued his pastoral development by becoming a Commissioned Pastor while he continued to serve the church.  In his executive leadership role, we benefited from Mike’s wisdom and leadership.  God used him tremendously to lead in building ministries with impact and a church planting movement.  Use these proven tools and resources.  If your heart beats for fruitful and faithful Gospel ministries, as does mine, ‘Faith-Based’ will help unleash your church.”

Rev. James Lankheet, Executive Director of Coram Deo Association of Churches

“Mike Gafa and I have known each other for almost two decades, and my life has been so much richer for our friendship.  He has always demonstrated grace, wisdom, and a wonderful sense of humor. In his book ‘Faith Based’ Mike integrates a clear sense of how strategic planning functions at a benchmark level combined with a thoughtful biblical perspective.  He makes a compelling case for why churches are wise to invest time in thinking deeply about who they are, what they specifically have been called to do, and how to most effectively carry out this calling.   Any church large or small would do well to seriously consider this excellent tool to implement the important task of strategic planning.”

Jack Zandstra, former Executive Director, Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity, Holland, MI

“It is so good to see ‘Faith-Based’ come together. Having worked with Mike and having experienced many of the principles he shares in the book, I believe you will be encouraged and helped as a church leader in setting a course for your church and ministry. Mike is a leader who loves the church and most important has experience in leading missional change.”

Rev. Eric Cook, Lead Pastor of Remembrance Church, Grand Rapids, MI

“Mike Gafa does a masterful job in reminding us that regardless of the size of your church, or culture of your church (because you have one), God has called you to lead, and to lead well. I found great freedom in discovering that as a senior pastor, I am not solely responsible for discerning the vision of the church, and that effective leaders glean wisdom from other leaders God has surrounded them with. Mike has created a resource to truly engage our entire team into a process where God’s vision for ‘our’ church can be found.”

Rev. Les Wiseman, Lead Pastor of Knapp Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI