Faith-Based: A Biblical, Practical Guide to Strategic Planning in the Church, is designed to assist and equip churches, pastors, and leaders to step more fully into the Great Commission given to us by Christ.  Faith-Based contains six sections and twenty-two chapters that in combination unleash church leaders to plan effectively. Each section mixes practical counsel with biblical instruction and personal experience.  The twelve key tools found in the appendix are ideal for applying the lessons contained in Faith-Based.

Faith-Based is best worked through slowly and collaboratively with leadership and staff teams. The process is challenging, but the fruit of a Holy Spirit led plan that transforms lives, churches, and communities is an investment worth making.

Faith-Based visionary leader and author Michael Gafa serves as the Director and Church Optimization Catalyst for Luminex, the missional arm of the Reformed Church in America, Synod of the Great Lakes. Mike has over fourteen years of experience leading churches and denominational judicatories through a variety of planning processes, and fifteen years of leading teams in the corporate sector. Mike is married to Pam, and is a proud father of adult twin sons Spencer and Trevor.

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