Welcome to Faith-Based

Faith-Based encapsulates much of what I have learned in over ten years of helping to lead churches through a variety of planning processes, and fifteen years of helping to lead teams in the corporate sector. Faith-Based is a comprehensive guide to biblical, practical planning in the church, and serves to assist and equip churches, pastors, and lay leaders to step more fully into the Great Commission given to us by Christ.

Faith-Based is available to purchase from amazon.com.  With honesty and humility, I believe that the book will prove to be a good investment for you, as well as your leaders and church.

But I also realize that pastors and leaders will benefit from having a variety of the “key tools” provided in Faith-Based available online in easily accessible, ready-to-use formats. Please consider these Key Tools my gift to you.

Finally, I will be providing Additional Resources on an ongoing basis. Some may originate from me, but most will come from other sources (thankfully, I am connected to some remarkably gifted people and organizations!).  The desire of my heart is to give you all that I can to help you grow leaders and strengthen your church – for the glory of God, and the building of Christ’s church.

May the Lord bless you and the church He has entrusted you to lead!